Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When the day conspires against you

Day 130 Bike 30 minutes - 15km

Total on week 178 minutes

Sometimes the working triathlete is conspired against by the realities of day to day work, -27 degree Celsius and second coldest place on earth weather and life in general. To combat this elusive enemy of training and time I turned to the Coach Troy Spinerval time saver series. Getting on my trusty steed "Arethusa" - named after a Mountain against Highwood Pass representing my biking efforts to be a climbing specialist.

Arethusa in her "indoor stable"

Today Coach Troy was my master as I did his Sprint / Power workout to the max. Considering former pro Troy Jacobson came out of hiding to race Ironman Arizona this last weekend with an impressive race I should pay attention. He placed first in my age category, 22nd overall at Ironman Arizona and will likely be the age group champion at Hawaii.

22 09:06:21 Jacobson Troy M40-44 1/392 1:01:31 4:56:46 2:59:56

Time to get serious and make sure I am doing what it takes to get to the big show. So in that spirit I did the first 3 minute interval at 200 watts, then for the 12 sprint intervals of 10-15 seconds I worked my way up from 330 watts to 460 watts.

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Jarrett @ "PaddlePedalPlod" said...

Wow sounds like a great workout... Someday I'll invest in one of those compu-trainer things... for now, I have to settle for RealRides!