Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tale of Two Cholesterols

Day 115 Swim 40 minutes - 2100m, Bike 170 minutes - 89km, Run 30 minutes (water)

Total on week so far 240 minutes

Great start to the week for at least three reasons.

First, as you can tell by the numbers it was an amazing training day, mostly due to a celebration of good news from my visit to the Doctor. Great swim (15X100m as main set averaging 1:26 on a 1:45 cycle). Reasonable water run and then a really strong computrainer bike ride with a resistance of 175 watts and averaged over 30km/hr with the back half faster than the front half.

Second, a great visit with the Doctor as the full medical results are better than fine. The fasting blood tests show that I don't have a cholesterol problem, the readings are great for it and everything else. The tale of two cholesterol's as the screening nurse put it was the HDL values (she called them "happy" are up and the LDL values are down (she called them lousy). I am sure it helped that my mother was praying for me since the screening test.

Third, my best friend has now registered for Ironman St George and that will be absolutely great to have him racing along side of me. I am very looking forward for both of us to qualify for Kona at the same race.

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