Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short workouts and Airport Check-in

Day 136 Swim 40 minutes - 2km, Run (water) 36 minutes (Monday)

Slow training start to what I expect to be a good week. I had hoped to get in a ride today but ended up spending more time packing than planned. Work went by reasonably quick despite my great anticipation of our vacation. My swim was somewhat lackluster as the repeat 200's were a bit slow (2:59, 2:59, 3:03, 3:02 and 2:59). I plan to take the next two weeks focusing on high volume but very low intensity.

After getting everything packed including the bikes (Mel and I managed to get them all boxed up in less than an hour this time) in our trusty case from Tri all 3 cases we then watched a bit of TV before going to bed for our 4 hour sleep before heading to the airport.

After a very deep sleep for me Melanie woke me up and my mother took us to the airport at 3:45 am. The Check in and Customs went pretty good. Melanie was supposed to pay for luggage but I got two free bags so she did the bike case and I did the free bags. They charge $100 dollars for bike carriage unless its over 50lbs then they double the cost to $200. With the case having both bikes it weighed 80 lbs with both bikes, the case weight and some other gear like the bike pump in there.

We are now sitting waiting for the boarding call to head to Honolulu via Denver in about 25 minutes with me blogging and Melanie reading "The Road to Serfdom" by F.A. Hayek to pass the time. Wikipedia article here. Hopefully the next blog entry will be from Honolulu.

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