Thursday, November 11, 2010

Round 4 - Richard vs the Wall

Day 118 Bike 230 minutes - 115km, Run 23 minutes - 4.5km

Total on Week 609 minutes

Wednesday ended up being so busy with work and other responsibilities I was not able to schedule around for a workout but it did give me a rest from my intense wattage intervals on Tuesday.

I took advantage of the Remembrance Day Holiday to first take more than just a moment to thank those that died fighting for our freedoms and then second to make my fourth assault on the "Wall at St George". After the last time I did the Start plus 1 loop of IMSG I realized that my nutrition was not well planned so today before I started I got everything ready.

My goal was to ride at 3:40 or better for the 108km which would be about 175 watts. Based on that I got 4 water bottles, 2 straight water, 1 Gatorade, 1 a gatorade/hammer gel mixture. I figured that would be a good starting point for fluids. I think got two energy bars and 4 bananas. And I made sure I had a decent breakfast.

So the plan was simple

100-125ml of fluid every 15 minutes
1/2 banana every 30 minutes along with fluid
1/2 energy bar every 60 minutes along with fluid and banana
I did about half the fluid straight water as a final wash and 1/2 fluid at start as Gatorade or the mixture.

It worked awesome. I rode the course averaging 186 watts, was averaging mostly 180 until the last 45-60 minutes and had an overall average of 125HR, well within IM HR zone for me until the end when I intentionally picked up the watts and the heart rate.

Overall result was a 3:37 ride (just a hair under 30km/h) and I got off the bike and ran an easy run at Ironman pace and legs and cardio were just fine.

Slowtwitch article about IMSG here

Total YTD Training


Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Treadmill running??? When you are in Banff??? NOOOOOO!! It's so beautiful there right now, and they have GREAT running paths down by the river!

Blaznfast said...

well, it is dark when we start meetings and dark when we finish so limited ability to run on paths

Sous-Chef said...

You're so hardcore dad. I love it.