Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Swim - Water Run workout combo

Day 133 Swim 10 minutes - 500m, Bike 64 minutes - 32km, Run (Water) 40 minutes

Total on Week 556 minutes so far

Today I decided to try a new workout. It was a swim / water run combination. I was using the water running as active recovery between some swim Sprint Interval sets. I warmed up with 10 minutes of water running then swam a swim interval

50m Free (35 seconds) Was a bit slower than I would like

then I did another 10 minutes of water running to lower heart rate and loosen up a bit more. After that I did another swim interval

100m Free in 1:16 (36 sec front 50m and 40 sec back 50m) Was a bit better.

I then did another 10 minutes of water running but was not fully recovered and anticipating a tough interval.

200m Free in 2:49 (37 sec at the 50, 1:20 at the 100, 2:05 at the 150 and 2:49 at 200)

10 more minutes of water running to finish the water runs

100m IM (1:38) and a 50m cool-down. Was a good workout for variety and reasonably OK for my speed.

Did a relatively easy hour ride on the bike tonight watching TV to finish off the day. Saturday is a crazy busy day so not sure what training I will be able to squeeze in.

However, best news on the day was how good (relatively speaking) my knee feels. I used the compression tights in the morning to help my knee and legs recover from the treadmill running. Either the compression, or the fact I ran a bit easier or both my knee was doing much better than it usually does the day after a real run. I am going to keep with a more controlled run pace to see if that helps. Fortunately it looks like I can run up to my Ironman pace without too much trouble and that the knee stuff kicks in more when I run harder intervals or tempo. Still makes me sad not being able to open up on the run but I guess the silver lining is it saves my harder workouts for where I really need to do them - on the bike.

Racing Flats need to stay on the shelf for a while

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