Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Ironman Swim PR in workout

Day 131 Swim 67 minutes - 4000m, Run 75 minutes (Water)

Total on Week 320 minutes

This morning I woke up crazy early thinking about work and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and went into work really early for a swim. Lucky for me it cut time off the commute as nobody is on the roads hardly at 5:30 AM. Usually I don't particularly enjoy a swim that early, maybe its carry over from when I was a pre-teen some 30 plus years ago and went to swim club 5 days a week for 6:00 am swim practice.

In any case I decided it would be a good day to get in a long swim without a huge pressure to get in swim, get out work situation. So I settled in for a steady state 4km benchmark swim. It ended up being an absolutely amazing swim, even pace despite a bit frisky start and covered the distance in 67 minutes. At first I was marginally disappointed until I realized this swim covered the 3.8 km Ironman distance in 63:40, a PR by about a minute and I was going at an effort less than what I swam effort wise at my last two Ironman races.

I am still a ways off the goal of sub 1 hour but given the effort level and no wetsuit or drafting my usual pool swim speed to race speed is about another minute faster (it would be more but in a pool you don't have to sight and you get the benefit of turns).

Here is an old picture of me standing beside the PR setting pool I swim at.

After work I did another water run, a bit longer this time and the knee is now recovered from Saturday's treadmill run. I plan on running on the treadmill Thursday night easy but longer and seeing how the knee holds up. I really need to be able to run on "land" for the next two weeks when Melanie and I go to Hawaii. I sure miss running harder but I have to keep the longer term goal in mind.

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