Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mile repeats and Frances passed her Driver's Test

Day 123 Run 52 minutes - 10km

Total on Week 214 minutes

Decided to focus on a faster harder run today and not do as much volume. It was the first time in a long time that I did intervals on the treadmill. Tonight Mel, Frances and I all went to SAIT and ran on the treadmill. Mel was doing repeat kilometers, Frances a Fartlek and I was doing mile repeats.

Started controlled and the warm up was an easy half mile. I then ran 5 X 1 mile on a 10 minute cycle descending sets (6:50, 6:40, 6:35, 6:31 and 6:16) for an average of 6:35. Melanie did a total of 5 X 1km after her warm up and Frances did 10km of Fartlek. It was kind of fun having us all running on the treadmills in a row.

On other news Frances is now a licensed driver, Mother's protect your children! She had to take her test on a day with tons of snow and ice and also recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. A true Rush in terms of taking on a challenge.

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