Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long swim, easy bike and run

Day 112 Swim 80 minutes - 4km, Bike 60 minutes - 27 km, Run 60 minutes (water)

Finally a day with real workouts. It will definitely be a light week but I was happy to get in a long swim session with

- a 500m technical warm-up
- 5 X 500m on 10 minute cycle (7:45, 7:45, 7:50, 7:52, 8:09)
- 400m rest set
- 500m technical
- 100m IM

Faded a bit at the end and then did a 60 min water run and finished off the night with an easy 60 minute spin session on the bike. Didn't want to go too hard at the last workout so I could be fresh for the Saturday workout set.

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