Thursday, November 25, 2010

Long days and fatigue

Day 132 Swim 45 minutes - 2300m, Run 77 minutes - 15km

Total On Week 442 minutes

I needed to muster up a bit more effort for today's workout due to some fatigue. Both workouts occurred after work. First was the swim 400m technical warm-up, then I attempted to do 5X300m on a 5 minute cycle without pull buoy and paddles and average under 4:30. It was not going to happen since the first one was 4:30, then 4:36, 4:42, 4:47 and expending all my effort did a 4:41 to finish.

After a mid workout banana and just enough time to change I headed to the treadmill to do my first run on surface in a while. I did the first 9 miles of the Ironman St George course at a reasonable pace although slower the effort was higher than I would like. Knee held up quite well but the real test will be tomorrow and whether or not the knee recovers fast.

I also needed to push off the disappointment that it is taking so long for my knee to recover despite how much I have backed off. I hope that I can get into the specialist soon to determine best course of action.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog awhile back. Good luck on your trip to Kona! I love the header on the top of your blog; what a great support group! Best wishes for a fast recovery for your knees. I know what that's like!

Blaznfast said...

Thanks! knee has been better lately with my holding back, hope that helps

Treadmill India said...

Thanks!nice post.I love the header on the top of your blog.thanks for sharing here..