Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knee responding well to resumption of running

Day 120 Bike 44 minutes - 20km, Run 35 minutes - 7km

Total on week 786 minutes

Better week than last in terms of volume but still not quite where I wanted to be. The best thing about this last week was getting in two runs on the treadmill as opposed to water runs and being able to run on consecutive days without knee issues. there were a couple of very very minor twinges but so after effects and no swelling.

With a scheduled Sunday rest day I am highly optimistic that I can run again on "land" Monday plus a bike. Monday and Tuesday we offsite sessions at work so the schedule change will once again test my abilities to get in the workouts I am hoping to. Time to capitalize on the rest day so I can do some early and late day workouts this week.

Getting excited about our vacation coming up in Hawaii and the training time that will be available. Should be able to do well on training volume with less distractions.

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