Thursday, November 4, 2010

High Cholesterol - Get Out!

Day 109/110 Bike 40 minutes, Run 20 minutes

Tuesday I managed to sneak in a late workout and did a cycle of bricks 10 minutes hard bike followed by a .5 mile run easy to recover, then crunches, rinse repeat 4 times. It was the only workout in the Tuesday / Wednesday combo due to a very heavy work schedule with other responsibilities tied in.

Found out Wednesday at a health clinic pre-screening that I have high cholesterol - what's with that? Looks like I am genetically predisposed so it will be interesting when I meet with my Doctor next week.

However, on the very up side my knee feels great, even before, during and after the running on Tuesday. Now I can start to slowly rebuild my volume once my work schedule allows.

More sleep - less blogging.

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Keith said...

A coworker of mine, a very active very physically fit young guy was astonished to discover his cholesterol was sky high. He changed his diet a bit (don't know the details) and it dropped back to normal in 6 weeks. Hope yours comes around.

And knees are funny things. Mine is getting better, but has odd spells of being cranky. Running is fine, biking is a bit iffy. Sigh.