Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Saturday of Training

Day 113 Swim 60 minutes - 2400m, Bike 60 min - 27km, Run 120 minutes - 23.5 km

Total on Week - Far less than I wanted but new week coming soon.

Put in another great workout day by starting with an easy run outside. I had planned to run the reservoir but my knee was a bit tender and so I figured I better be careful about running on pavement and only ran 6.5km before returning home for a bike workout. I did an even 60 minutes biking on the computrainer and then headed off to the SAIT pool for a swim. Enjoyed watching the Ironman Florida Broadcast on the net. Grats to Cunnamara for an amazing marathon run to take the win, along with a great run by Gomez to take 2nd as well.

Frances came with me and I decided to test out my new trisuit first and did the first 3.5 miles of the Ironman SG run course on the treadmill. What a huge difference the treadmill makes on the knee cushioning impact. No discomfort and so I was a bit more relieved.

After we ran, she did a run as well, we did a largely technical swim workout and after an hour switched over to finish with a 60 minute water run. The water runs are doing great for my knee but I am hoping to get in some interval training again on the treadmill.

We had a dinner with family (very enjoyable) and then rested up for the night. I must say that I am looking forward to the extra hour of sleep due to time changes for daylight savings switch.

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