Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friends and a Great Bike Workout

Day 116 - Bike 61 minutes - 34km, Run 55 minutes (Water)

Total on week 356 minutes

If I wasn't stoked yesterday I sure am now. Just found out another Ironman friend registered for St George and I LOVE racing with friends. If that wasn't enough good news today a killer bike wattage interval topped the day. I did a warm up and then three 16 minute threshold intervals at 220+ watts.

First was average of 228 watts, 130 HR, 93 RPM
Second was average of 231 watts, 134 HR, 92 RPM
Third was average of 248 watts, 143 HR, 95 RPM

Next time I need to do four of them and not push above 230 watts and do them more evenly and work on a IM race pace heart rate level

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