Monday, November 15, 2010

Executing to a plan

Day 122 Bike 162 minutes - 81km

Total on Week 162 minutes

Good day at work, good workout at the end of the day. Did an easy steady state ride at a low 150 watts resistance to build base. Nothing overly special in the workout just "taking care of business".

Sometimes a workout is more important or special when its not a big workout. The key is executing the plan according to what is most needed at any given time rather than feeling the need to always push the envelope.


Keith said...

In fact, as I'm sure you well know, you shouldn't push the envelop in every work out. I actually find a lot of satisfaction in the subtle stuff when the plan calls for something I know I can do. Then I try to work on form, or be as precise to the plan as I can, resisting the temptation to bang out a fast set, or chase that faster cyclist.

Blaznfast said...

Agreed. It can sometimes be hard to keep that balance in place. I am just happy when I do keep that under control.