Saturday, November 20, 2010

Definition of a "Long" Workout at the Rush's

Day 126 - Unscheduled rest day

Total on Week 469 minutes so far

Friday I woke up tired and somewhat sore from both a couple hard days of swims and a hard bike set on Thursday night. Add to that a long day at work and evening commitments I decided to bail on any workouts and treat it as a recovery day so I could have the right amount of "oomfph" for my planned workouts on Saturday.

At a church function on Friday night someone was talking about hobbies that were excessive and used people who run more than 2 hrs in a day as an example. Made Melanie and I both chuckle, at 2 hrs of workouts we don't even call that a long workout unless it is a swim.

A number of months ago Frances made the statement that in our house a run does not qualify as "long" until it is over 2 hours or 22 km. A bike doesn't even get to category of long until over 3 hours or 90 km. I guess our definition of a long workout is pretty much pegged relative to a half-ironman distance. However, the long swim needs to be at least an hour to get counted.

Long run intervals are usually reserved for intervals of 1 mile or greater, Long swim intervals defined as 500m or more and bike intervals need to be over 15 minutes to get the classification.

Now I would not expect everyone to use the same definition because it is related to your fitness level. I guess then another definition is that a long workout is one in which a) you can't go hard the whole way or you implode b) it is designed to build endurance c) you need to plan a bit more in advance to schedule it in.

I also vaguely remember some adage at a race I once did (it may have been the Grand Columbian) Go Long - Go Ironman distance

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