Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Short workouts and Airport Check-in

Day 136 Swim 40 minutes - 2km, Run (water) 36 minutes (Monday)

Slow training start to what I expect to be a good week. I had hoped to get in a ride today but ended up spending more time packing than planned. Work went by reasonably quick despite my great anticipation of our vacation. My swim was somewhat lackluster as the repeat 200's were a bit slow (2:59, 2:59, 3:03, 3:02 and 2:59). I plan to take the next two weeks focusing on high volume but very low intensity.

After getting everything packed including the bikes (Mel and I managed to get them all boxed up in less than an hour this time) in our trusty case from Tri all 3 cases we then watched a bit of TV before going to bed for our 4 hour sleep before heading to the airport.

After a very deep sleep for me Melanie woke me up and my mother took us to the airport at 3:45 am. The Check in and Customs went pretty good. Melanie was supposed to pay for luggage but I got two free bags so she did the bike case and I did the free bags. They charge $100 dollars for bike carriage unless its over 50lbs then they double the cost to $200. With the case having both bikes it weighed 80 lbs with both bikes, the case weight and some other gear like the bike pump in there.

We are now sitting waiting for the boarding call to head to Honolulu via Denver in about 25 minutes with me blogging and Melanie reading "The Road to Serfdom" by F.A. Hayek to pass the time. Wikipedia article here. Hopefully the next blog entry will be from Honolulu.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Rest Day and upcoming vacation

Day 135 Sunday Rest Day

Less than 48 hours to the long awaited vacation and training holiday. Hardest thing to decide each day when I am away will be where to bike. I have very few planned things for the next two weeks.

1) Catch up on sleep
2) Ride the Bike - LOTS
3) Get some land runs (knee pending)
4) See some sights with Melanie
5) Do some reading

I can barely wait!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Work, Church, Family and Training all on a Saturday, with some Rock Band

Day 134 Swim 60 minutes - 2.1 km, Bike 80 minutes - 40 km, Run 62 minutes - 12 km

Total on Week 758 minutes

The day just kind of flowed through a variety of activities starting with helping clean at the church to a light spin on the bike to a swim to attending a Baptism then to a graduation ceremony at work, then a run, another bike spin and finished the day playing rock band with my kids. It was not a bad Saturday by any stretch.

My knee felt good so I did my run on the treadmill and again tempered the pace so I wasn't risking the knee. It will be interesting to see how it feels tomorrow. I made sure I wore the compression tights afterwards again. Hopefully that will help as well.

This morning I had stumbled across a cool video about swimming that I liked.

Swimming in a Dream from Jim Sugar on Vimeo.

New Swim - Water Run workout combo

Day 133 Swim 10 minutes - 500m, Bike 64 minutes - 32km, Run (Water) 40 minutes

Total on Week 556 minutes so far

Today I decided to try a new workout. It was a swim / water run combination. I was using the water running as active recovery between some swim Sprint Interval sets. I warmed up with 10 minutes of water running then swam a swim interval

50m Free (35 seconds) Was a bit slower than I would like

then I did another 10 minutes of water running to lower heart rate and loosen up a bit more. After that I did another swim interval

100m Free in 1:16 (36 sec front 50m and 40 sec back 50m) Was a bit better.

I then did another 10 minutes of water running but was not fully recovered and anticipating a tough interval.

200m Free in 2:49 (37 sec at the 50, 1:20 at the 100, 2:05 at the 150 and 2:49 at 200)

10 more minutes of water running to finish the water runs

100m IM (1:38) and a 50m cool-down. Was a good workout for variety and reasonably OK for my speed.

Did a relatively easy hour ride on the bike tonight watching TV to finish off the day. Saturday is a crazy busy day so not sure what training I will be able to squeeze in.

However, best news on the day was how good (relatively speaking) my knee feels. I used the compression tights in the morning to help my knee and legs recover from the treadmill running. Either the compression, or the fact I ran a bit easier or both my knee was doing much better than it usually does the day after a real run. I am going to keep with a more controlled run pace to see if that helps. Fortunately it looks like I can run up to my Ironman pace without too much trouble and that the knee stuff kicks in more when I run harder intervals or tempo. Still makes me sad not being able to open up on the run but I guess the silver lining is it saves my harder workouts for where I really need to do them - on the bike.

Racing Flats need to stay on the shelf for a while

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Long days and fatigue

Day 132 Swim 45 minutes - 2300m, Run 77 minutes - 15km

Total On Week 442 minutes

I needed to muster up a bit more effort for today's workout due to some fatigue. Both workouts occurred after work. First was the swim 400m technical warm-up, then I attempted to do 5X300m on a 5 minute cycle without pull buoy and paddles and average under 4:30. It was not going to happen since the first one was 4:30, then 4:36, 4:42, 4:47 and expending all my effort did a 4:41 to finish.

After a mid workout banana and just enough time to change I headed to the treadmill to do my first run on surface in a while. I did the first 9 miles of the Ironman St George course at a reasonable pace although slower the effort was higher than I would like. Knee held up quite well but the real test will be tomorrow and whether or not the knee recovers fast.

I also needed to push off the disappointment that it is taking so long for my knee to recover despite how much I have backed off. I hope that I can get into the specialist soon to determine best course of action.

New Ironman Swim PR in workout

Day 131 Swim 67 minutes - 4000m, Run 75 minutes (Water)

Total on Week 320 minutes

This morning I woke up crazy early thinking about work and couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and went into work really early for a swim. Lucky for me it cut time off the commute as nobody is on the roads hardly at 5:30 AM. Usually I don't particularly enjoy a swim that early, maybe its carry over from when I was a pre-teen some 30 plus years ago and went to swim club 5 days a week for 6:00 am swim practice.

In any case I decided it would be a good day to get in a long swim without a huge pressure to get in swim, get out work situation. So I settled in for a steady state 4km benchmark swim. It ended up being an absolutely amazing swim, even pace despite a bit frisky start and covered the distance in 67 minutes. At first I was marginally disappointed until I realized this swim covered the 3.8 km Ironman distance in 63:40, a PR by about a minute and I was going at an effort less than what I swam effort wise at my last two Ironman races.

I am still a ways off the goal of sub 1 hour but given the effort level and no wetsuit or drafting my usual pool swim speed to race speed is about another minute faster (it would be more but in a pool you don't have to sight and you get the benefit of turns).

Here is an old picture of me standing beside the PR setting pool I swim at.

After work I did another water run, a bit longer this time and the knee is now recovered from Saturday's treadmill run. I plan on running on the treadmill Thursday night easy but longer and seeing how the knee holds up. I really need to be able to run on "land" for the next two weeks when Melanie and I go to Hawaii. I sure miss running harder but I have to keep the longer term goal in mind.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When the day conspires against you

Day 130 Bike 30 minutes - 15km

Total on week 178 minutes

Sometimes the working triathlete is conspired against by the realities of day to day work, -27 degree Celsius and second coldest place on earth weather and life in general. To combat this elusive enemy of training and time I turned to the Coach Troy Spinerval time saver series. Getting on my trusty steed "Arethusa" - named after a Mountain against Highwood Pass representing my biking efforts to be a climbing specialist.

Arethusa in her "indoor stable"

Today Coach Troy was my master as I did his Sprint / Power workout to the max. Considering former pro Troy Jacobson came out of hiding to race Ironman Arizona this last weekend with an impressive race I should pay attention. He placed first in my age category, 22nd overall at Ironman Arizona and will likely be the age group champion at Hawaii.

22 09:06:21 Jacobson Troy M40-44 1/392 1:01:31 4:56:46 2:59:56

Time to get serious and make sure I am doing what it takes to get to the big show. So in that spirit I did the first 3 minute interval at 200 watts, then for the 12 sprint intervals of 10-15 seconds I worked my way up from 330 watts to 460 watts.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Frozen Ears, Winter Scenes and Indoor Training

Day 129 Swim 39 minutes - 2.1km, Bike 64 minutes - 32km, Run 45 minutes (water)

Total on Week 148 minutes

With all the cold weather we are getting (to the tune of -29 degrees Celsius this morning I heard) my wife actually did an indoor workout today. Usually its just me that is the pansy but yes, Melanie did run at the gym on the treadmill.

For me i did a quick swim at lunch (technical warm-up of 400m, 5X300m pull on a 5 minute cycle - 4:30, 4:30, 4:29, 4:28 and 4:30, then 200m to finish) then my usual post work water run which felt great for the knee and finished with an indoor bike ride for 64 minutes at the gym.

However, one of our family was not smart enough to take her workout indoors. Frances ran 10 km outside and did not wear a toque that covered her ears. Boys and girls, this is what frostbite damage looks like. Don't be fooled by the shiny exterior of the ear lobe, its painful and it's much redder in real life, in fact, I am not sure I would dare being seen in public with it like that :)

I think this is fitting because the other day she started painting this scene (this is a draft by the way) in my workout area. If I want to see a winter scene I just look outside, I don't need it in my workout room as well. I think it was a good karma punishment for her.

However, rumor has it that within 4 days we may be up to +2 degrees Celsius.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fitting in Triathlon Training and Life - 6 tips to do more with your time

Day 127 Bike 184 minutes - 92 km, Run 47 minutes - 10km

Total on Week 700 minutes

If work, church and family responsibilities are not enough to schedule around lets throw in -20 Deg C weather. Good thing I have absolutely zero qualms about an indoor trainer or treadmill workout. I started off the day with a 3hr plus ride on even terrain. It was intended to be a fairly relaxed steady state ride at an easy 145-155 watts and I took advantage of the easy ride to do some web surfing and reading since I was on my computrainer setup that keeps the laptop close.

I must say that taking the time to get the right set up sure has helped me be able to keep up with everything.

Lots of people have asked how I manage to get as much done as I do. Besides an awesome support system (see old blog post about Ironmates) I have invested in a few simple things to allow that sort of multitasking.

1) My computrainer set-up has to be near the top of the list. Not only does it have all the pluses of an indoor trainer such as access to immediately get on the bike and start a workout, close access to a bathroom (less than 20 feet from workout room to washroom), a kitchen for all my fuel needs and a very controllable environment - no need to worry when sunset is, or wind and weather but my particular set-up has a bench custom arranged by my wife (yes guys - my wife is the tool handy person in our marriage) complete with DVD, MP3 external speakers, TV, Computer rack, fan, extra shelves for food, towel rack and hands-free telephone. What this has allowed me to do is be able to:

a) deal with all my personal, church service and late at-night work calls while riding the bike. However, I do recommend that if you are taking or making calls to try and do it during the warm-up and cool-down part of rides, or at least during the rest phase of an interval. Some people may mistake the heavy breathing for a variety of less pleasant or appropriate reasons.

b) not worry about forgetting something before you start riding. If any of you are like me you often spend a LOT of time trying to pick the right clothes for the temperature, make sure you remember your food, gear stuff and pack the extra tubes and tires. I find this easily reduces my pre-ride prep by about 15 minutes by riding indoors.

c) Having my computer setup with a wireless mouse, and at times keyboard has allowed me to take care of those pesky emails and catch up on my online reading. I have read most of the blogs that I follow from the laptop while riding the bike. This way I can follow the latest trends without sacrificing my workout time. It's a little harder to write emails and to author my blog so I have to leave that to the easy parts of the workout.

2) Double purpose activities

a) Outside of the computrainer at home you can also reduce the strain of getting in your workout schedules by commuting to and from work, weather and shower availability dependent. I found that since the weather turned it has become a lot harder to get in as much volume. I used to average nearly 3 hours a week in commuting workouts by run or by bike. Since it takes me about 60 minutes round trip by car to and from work each day my net gain in workout time was substantial with limited impact to my overall commuting hours.

b) Family Times - I have also found I need to make the most of family times that may not be easy for everyone to do. Fortunately at our house we mostly share common activities that we can double up on, whether its a run with my wife and one daughter, a swim with another, or offering to drive another daughter to a morning class on my way to work. Any time I can double up an activity helps. This is one area where I enjoy the drives with a kid to know what is going on in their life.

3) Plan and schedule around certain locked in events.

a) Each week I know I have some recurring activities that if I plan around I can gain some time for training. For example, days that I am not commuting as a workout I know that traveling via car at rush hour costs me way more time than doing it at off hours. So instead of traveling at peak times and spending 90-120 minutes a day I re-structured my day around it. For me I have the luxury of the SAIT fitness facilities and can do that workout before work and after work when traffic is heavy by going in earlier or coming home later and avoiding the rush.

b) The second aspect is that each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I pick up my daughter from track and field practice later on in the evening. Instead of driving home and then back across the city I am now doing my workouts between the time I finish work and when I need to pick her up. This means that picking her up at 8:00 on Mon and Thursday I can schedule in longer workouts after work and on Tuesdays at 7:00 schedule in a shorter one. In order to make this fly I need to make sure I am taking enough food to eat lunch and dinner so that I am not working out on calories fumes but am well fueled.

c) Showers - this one may seem silly but as a multi sport athlete doing 2-3 workouts a day I really try to double up workouts in a way I don't need to shower between if at all possible. It doesn't always work out but if you did 3 workouts in a day and need to shower all three times that can suck an extra 30 minutes out of your day, and if you do need to shower that often making sure you have a wash and wear hairstyle is critical.

4) Smile - a LOT. Recently I have come to appreciate how much more effective we are when we are happy. Choose to be happy and you spend a lot less time pining over whats not working and just get about doing what needs to be done. I cannot believe how much more efficient I have been as a result.

5) Don't idle time on things of low value. I absolutely love computer games but also wasted way too much time on them in the past. Maybe for you its television, eBay, Blogging - you can read mine though :). In any case I have found reducing time in these areas or doing them while on an easy treadmill run or ride is far more useful than idle time usage.

6) Don't get addicted to the MP3 or iPod. I love my music on workout time but I also really appreciate the ability to use that time for a quiet inner reflection. It's pretty hard for me to do when in the middle of a gut-wrenching interval set but on the easy workouts swim, bike or run, or even a drive in traffic I like to think and or plan about a particular problem, situation or opportunity. I go even as far as to decide before the workout what problem will be solved by the end of the workout. Some of my best business thoughts, or parenting ah-ha moments came from those opportunities. I have even planned a public presentations or talk during a long easy run.

So I put a bit of this to the test on this last Saturday. Long ride in the morning as I read the Lava Triathlon magazine - great edition by the way, watched my second youngest at a swim meet - Go Sierra with 3 best times, a run on the treadmill with Frances - I ran the first 10km of IMSG, she ran a flat 10km in 50 minutes and went shopping with my wife at night to get me a new winter coat.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Definition of a "Long" Workout at the Rush's

Day 126 - Unscheduled rest day

Total on Week 469 minutes so far

Friday I woke up tired and somewhat sore from both a couple hard days of swims and a hard bike set on Thursday night. Add to that a long day at work and evening commitments I decided to bail on any workouts and treat it as a recovery day so I could have the right amount of "oomfph" for my planned workouts on Saturday.

At a church function on Friday night someone was talking about hobbies that were excessive and used people who run more than 2 hrs in a day as an example. Made Melanie and I both chuckle, at 2 hrs of workouts we don't even call that a long workout unless it is a swim.

A number of months ago Frances made the statement that in our house a run does not qualify as "long" until it is over 2 hours or 22 km. A bike doesn't even get to category of long until over 3 hours or 90 km. I guess our definition of a long workout is pretty much pegged relative to a half-ironman distance. However, the long swim needs to be at least an hour to get counted.

Long run intervals are usually reserved for intervals of 1 mile or greater, Long swim intervals defined as 500m or more and bike intervals need to be over 15 minutes to get the classification.

Now I would not expect everyone to use the same definition because it is related to your fitness level. I guess then another definition is that a long workout is one in which a) you can't go hard the whole way or you implode b) it is designed to build endurance c) you need to plan a bit more in advance to schedule it in.

I also vaguely remember some adage at a race I once did (it may have been the Grand Columbian) Go Long - Go Ironman distance

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hard Bike Intervals

Day 125 Swim 33 minutes - 2km, Bike 62 minutes - 31km, Run 40 minutes (water)

My upper body was a bit tired from yesterdays swim so the steady state swim workout today was much harder than I would have liked it to be. After work I did the water run and then a bike wattage interval session.

The bike session started out a bit rough. I did 7 intervals with 6 minutes of easy 100 watt spinning between. 2 of teh 7 intervals were only 2 minutes long at 280+ watts, the other 5 were 280-290 watts for 3 minutes. Ideally I would like to get up to 5 minutes at that level of power output.

At teh end of each interval I was really tired but recovered pretty quickly and after teh final one I decided to run 1km on teh treadmill at my intended IM run pace and it felt pretty good and not too bad (even did it at 1.5% grade just to model teh IM St George opening kilometer.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good swim and other recovery workouts

Day 124 Swim 35 minutes - 2km, Bike 40 minutes - 20km, Run 45 minutes (water)

Woke up with a very mildly tender knee this morning so it looks like the intensity intervals is not quite a free pass yet. However, between the swim at lunch and a water run and bike after work it feels much better already so I am still optimistic to get it back into into shape carefully.

Swim was really solid with the standard 400m technical warm up then 5 X 200m on a 3:15 cycle (2:50, 2:54, 2:54, 2:53, 2:54) then 100m kick set, 400m technical and finished with a 100IM on 1:42.

Water run was easy recovery effort as was the bike. Finished the night off helping Frances get her art website going, you can check it out at www.francesrush.com.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mile repeats and Frances passed her Driver's Test

Day 123 Run 52 minutes - 10km

Total on Week 214 minutes

Decided to focus on a faster harder run today and not do as much volume. It was the first time in a long time that I did intervals on the treadmill. Tonight Mel, Frances and I all went to SAIT and ran on the treadmill. Mel was doing repeat kilometers, Frances a Fartlek and I was doing mile repeats.

Started controlled and the warm up was an easy half mile. I then ran 5 X 1 mile on a 10 minute cycle descending sets (6:50, 6:40, 6:35, 6:31 and 6:16) for an average of 6:35. Melanie did a total of 5 X 1km after her warm up and Frances did 10km of Fartlek. It was kind of fun having us all running on the treadmills in a row.

On other news Frances is now a licensed driver, Mother's protect your children! She had to take her test on a day with tons of snow and ice and also recovering from having her wisdom teeth removed yesterday. A true Rush in terms of taking on a challenge.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Executing to a plan

Day 122 Bike 162 minutes - 81km

Total on Week 162 minutes

Good day at work, good workout at the end of the day. Did an easy steady state ride at a low 150 watts resistance to build base. Nothing overly special in the workout just "taking care of business".

Sometimes a workout is more important or special when its not a big workout. The key is executing the plan according to what is most needed at any given time rather than feeling the need to always push the envelope.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knee responding well to resumption of running

Day 120 Bike 44 minutes - 20km, Run 35 minutes - 7km

Total on week 786 minutes

Better week than last in terms of volume but still not quite where I wanted to be. The best thing about this last week was getting in two runs on the treadmill as opposed to water runs and being able to run on consecutive days without knee issues. there were a couple of very very minor twinges but so after effects and no swelling.

With a scheduled Sunday rest day I am highly optimistic that I can run again on "land" Monday plus a bike. Monday and Tuesday we offsite sessions at work so the schedule change will once again test my abilities to get in the workouts I am hoping to. Time to capitalize on the rest day so I can do some early and late day workouts this week.

Getting excited about our vacation coming up in Hawaii and the training time that will be available. Should be able to do well on training volume with less distractions.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Statistical History since 1989

As the year starts approaching a close I decided I wanted to do a special historical blog entry. I have screen captured my training history since training for my first Ironman (Ironman Canada 1989 12:28).

Yellow cells represents a career high year for that statistic, red cells represent the next milestone for me to pass in the current year. The images might be a bit small and need to be expanded to read completely. If you click on the image it should expand sufficiently.




Friday, November 12, 2010

On the Road and Training

Day 119 Bike 30 minutes - 13km, Run 67 minutes - 13km

Total on Week 706 minutes

Enjoying a conference in Banff for work on Teaching and Learning and squeezed in a short bike first thing in the morning and then a run on the treadmill to save my knee and avoid running in the dark. Ended up running the first 8 miles of the Ironman St George run course at a reasonable pace and heart rate. I resisted the temptation to pick up the pace (I was really great) so I could protect the knee and see if it is recovering properly.

A few hours since the run earlier today and the knee is still good so I am going to try another run on it tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to start ramping up the volume slowly again.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Round 4 - Richard vs the Wall

Day 118 Bike 230 minutes - 115km, Run 23 minutes - 4.5km

Total on Week 609 minutes

Wednesday ended up being so busy with work and other responsibilities I was not able to schedule around for a workout but it did give me a rest from my intense wattage intervals on Tuesday.

I took advantage of the Remembrance Day Holiday to first take more than just a moment to thank those that died fighting for our freedoms and then second to make my fourth assault on the "Wall at St George". After the last time I did the Start plus 1 loop of IMSG I realized that my nutrition was not well planned so today before I started I got everything ready.

My goal was to ride at 3:40 or better for the 108km which would be about 175 watts. Based on that I got 4 water bottles, 2 straight water, 1 Gatorade, 1 a gatorade/hammer gel mixture. I figured that would be a good starting point for fluids. I think got two energy bars and 4 bananas. And I made sure I had a decent breakfast.

So the plan was simple

100-125ml of fluid every 15 minutes
1/2 banana every 30 minutes along with fluid
1/2 energy bar every 60 minutes along with fluid and banana
I did about half the fluid straight water as a final wash and 1/2 fluid at start as Gatorade or the mixture.

It worked awesome. I rode the course averaging 186 watts, was averaging mostly 180 until the last 45-60 minutes and had an overall average of 125HR, well within IM HR zone for me until the end when I intentionally picked up the watts and the heart rate.

Overall result was a 3:37 ride (just a hair under 30km/h) and I got off the bike and ran an easy run at Ironman pace and legs and cardio were just fine.

Slowtwitch article about IMSG here

Total YTD Training

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Friends and a Great Bike Workout

Day 116 - Bike 61 minutes - 34km, Run 55 minutes (Water)

Total on week 356 minutes

If I wasn't stoked yesterday I sure am now. Just found out another Ironman friend registered for St George and I LOVE racing with friends. If that wasn't enough good news today a killer bike wattage interval topped the day. I did a warm up and then three 16 minute threshold intervals at 220+ watts.

First was average of 228 watts, 130 HR, 93 RPM
Second was average of 231 watts, 134 HR, 92 RPM
Third was average of 248 watts, 143 HR, 95 RPM

Next time I need to do four of them and not push above 230 watts and do them more evenly and work on a IM race pace heart rate level

Tale of Two Cholesterols

Day 115 Swim 40 minutes - 2100m, Bike 170 minutes - 89km, Run 30 minutes (water)

Total on week so far 240 minutes

Great start to the week for at least three reasons.

First, as you can tell by the numbers it was an amazing training day, mostly due to a celebration of good news from my visit to the Doctor. Great swim (15X100m as main set averaging 1:26 on a 1:45 cycle). Reasonable water run and then a really strong computrainer bike ride with a resistance of 175 watts and averaged over 30km/hr with the back half faster than the front half.

Second, a great visit with the Doctor as the full medical results are better than fine. The fasting blood tests show that I don't have a cholesterol problem, the readings are great for it and everything else. The tale of two cholesterol's as the screening nurse put it was the HDL values (she called them "happy" are up and the LDL values are down (she called them lousy). I am sure it helped that my mother was praying for me since the screening test.

Third, my best friend has now registered for Ironman St George and that will be absolutely great to have him racing along side of me. I am very looking forward for both of us to qualify for Kona at the same race.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Sunday's are great.

Day 114 Scheduled Rest Day

Goal Next week 15 hours

Have I said how much I love Sunday's? there is something really wonderful about having a regular planned rest day without training. A few reasons why this is so great.

1) No need to feel guilty about not working out. It's a scheduled day off and you don't need an excuse why you didn't train.

2) You always have a better start to the week due to #1 above because you are extra rested. It means you can schedule a key workout on Saturday (because you know you get a rest day so can go hard) and another key workout on Monday (because you did get that extra rest day). Then you only have to decide if you want a key workout on either Wednesday or Thursday and can adjust to how busy your week is.

3) It helps you stay balanced. You can prioritize family and other important non-work / non-workout things because it's a day where you are not having those pressures compete for your time. This makes it far easier to be in the triathlon is part of my life club as opposed to triathlon is my only life club.

4) Its a day you can actually pause to self reflect, whether it's about training, or about life, you can take a quiet moment to take a pulse check on life beyond a "twitter" moment.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Saturday of Training

Day 113 Swim 60 minutes - 2400m, Bike 60 min - 27km, Run 120 minutes - 23.5 km

Total on Week - Far less than I wanted but new week coming soon.

Put in another great workout day by starting with an easy run outside. I had planned to run the reservoir but my knee was a bit tender and so I figured I better be careful about running on pavement and only ran 6.5km before returning home for a bike workout. I did an even 60 minutes biking on the computrainer and then headed off to the SAIT pool for a swim. Enjoyed watching the Ironman Florida Broadcast on the net. Grats to Cunnamara for an amazing marathon run to take the win, along with a great run by Gomez to take 2nd as well.

Frances came with me and I decided to test out my new trisuit first and did the first 3.5 miles of the Ironman SG run course on the treadmill. What a huge difference the treadmill makes on the knee cushioning impact. No discomfort and so I was a bit more relieved.

After we ran, she did a run as well, we did a largely technical swim workout and after an hour switched over to finish with a 60 minute water run. The water runs are doing great for my knee but I am hoping to get in some interval training again on the treadmill.

We had a dinner with family (very enjoyable) and then rested up for the night. I must say that I am looking forward to the extra hour of sleep due to time changes for daylight savings switch.

Long swim, easy bike and run

Day 112 Swim 80 minutes - 4km, Bike 60 minutes - 27 km, Run 60 minutes (water)

Finally a day with real workouts. It will definitely be a light week but I was happy to get in a long swim session with

- a 500m technical warm-up
- 5 X 500m on 10 minute cycle (7:45, 7:45, 7:50, 7:52, 8:09)
- 400m rest set
- 500m technical
- 100m IM

Faded a bit at the end and then did a 60 min water run and finished off the night with an easy 60 minute spin session on the bike. Didn't want to go too hard at the last workout so I could be fresh for the Saturday workout set.

Friday, November 5, 2010

More rest than I want

Day 111 Nada

The week of limited time to train continues but tomorrow should be substantially better. As my friend Bernie says, it may be God's way of keeping me rested, or maybe not either way rested I am from workouts but not overly rested sleep wise.

I will need a big Fri / Sat combo to hit any sort of real volume this week. Hopefully tomorrow I can get in all three disciplines.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

High Cholesterol - Get Out!

Day 109/110 Bike 40 minutes, Run 20 minutes

Tuesday I managed to sneak in a late workout and did a cycle of bricks 10 minutes hard bike followed by a .5 mile run easy to recover, then crunches, rinse repeat 4 times. It was the only workout in the Tuesday / Wednesday combo due to a very heavy work schedule with other responsibilities tied in.

Found out Wednesday at a health clinic pre-screening that I have high cholesterol - what's with that? Looks like I am genetically predisposed so it will be interesting when I meet with my Doctor next week.

However, on the very up side my knee feels great, even before, during and after the running on Tuesday. Now I can start to slowly rebuild my volume once my work schedule allows.

More sleep - less blogging.

Taking Care of Business

Day 107/108 Rest Days

Sunday was a scheduled rest day and Monday became a forced rest day due to work and family commitments. Despite efforts to schedule around commitments I had a very important all-day meeting on Monday that I needed to prepare for and then after the meeting besides getting caught up on regular work started the preparation for another important meeting that would occur on Wednesday.

By the time that was done it was appropriate to spend the little remaining time on Monday with my family and then to bed. This week might be a much tougher week than expected.