Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wall at Ironman St George - round 3

Day 106 Bike 3hr 58min - 113 km

A day late in posting my Saturday training - wow it was a hard workout yesterday. I had originally planned on a 4 hr ride (which I did) and a 2:15 run but I felt so bagged after the morning ride that even a nap was not enough to re-energize myself.

I still need to work on better read for my nutrition, 2 large water bottles and three bananas left me a bit short on energy so with about 30 minutes left I downed a bottle of fruit juice, not the best choice but it got me through.

This round of the initial 68 miles of Ironman St George got a bit more of me than the previous workout from 2 weeks ago. After my 10 minute warm-up I was 3:48 (excluding a 3 minute bio break), about 5 minutes slower than last time.

I am guessing that the 2 hr ride late on Friday probably also impacted the Saturday morning ride. Anyways, it was still a respectable ride and good to see what is working and not working so I can feedback the results into training modifications.

Overall I ended the week just over 14 hours and given that I had hardly any running this 10.5 hour bike week did push my legs. This coming week I want to get in a bit more running and swimming but still some good seat time on the bike. At least today I am enjoying a good rest day.

Here are the full computrainer results , note the right-left power split showing weaker right leg.

Computrainer Course Data
Name: StGeorge.3dc Distance: 108.36 KM
Min Grade: -6.6% Avg Grade: -0.0% Max Grade: 9.3%
Total Climbing Meters: 1054

Total Kilometers Ridden: 108.42 Performance Statistics Lap Avg: None
Rolling Calibration: 11: 2.13 C Finish Time: 03:51:04.81 Calories: 2242.6

Watts 169.2
Watts Per KiloGram 2.3
Heart Rate 120.8 (149 max)
KPH 28.1 (48.2 max)
RPM 88.9 (113.0 max)
Overall SpinScan 62.2
Left SpinScan 62.3
Right SpinScan 62.1
Power Split Left 51.1
Power Split Right 48.9
Left ATA 105.1
Right ATA 108.4

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