Monday, October 18, 2010

Swim with Simon Whitfield (kind of)

Day 94 Swim 30 min - 1600m, Bike 40 min - 20km, Run 40 min - 7.5km

Total on Week so far 110 minutes

Today was a great day for a variety of reasons. First, when I went to the pool Simon Whitfield was there swimming and doing some video clips for beginner tri training (his blog). I was swimming a couple lanes over and after finishing shamelessly asked him to autograph my pull paddle. What a great guy in that not only he accommodated my request but spent a number of minutes chatting triathlon, life and family with me.

After a longish work day I headed back to the gym to test my knee out with some run intervals. One mile warm-up, 5 X 1km on a 6 minute cycle with active rest walk breaks. Did descending splits (3:53, 3:43, 3:38, 3:33 and 3:28 for a 3:39 average) and the knee felt really solid. After my run scooted over to pick up Leah from her XC practice and then off to the polling station to vote in our civic election. Was really pleased to see how great a voter turnout there was.

Went home, ate dinner, spent some time with the kids and then jumped on the trainer for a really easy spin and watched the election coverage and results. Another late night that I will pay for tomorrow but happy to continue the goal towards Kona.

On a small side note as I was running at the gym on the treadmill I noticed in the mirror my right leg didn't look as defined as the left leg. When I got home I did a quick measurement and discovered my leg with the weak knee is almost an inch smaller than the other leg. I will have to do some research to find out if that is needed to be addressed.

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