Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A run with the SAIT Trojans XC Team

Day 89 Run 36 minutes - 7 km

Morning heart rate was elevated again this morning (up at 46bpm which is high for me) so I re planned the day to be an easy workout. Just over 200 days to go for Ironman St George so need to keep the big picture in focus and not get sick again.

Did a very short run after work and the knee felt not too bad. As I was leaving SAIT's Campus Centre to run the SAIT Trojans Cross Country Team was heading out for an easy run as well so I decided to join them.

Wow, that brings back some memories. It was 21 years ago I attended SAIT as a student and ran for them the two years I was there (89-91). Chatted with one of the guys on the team during the run and heard that they are a pretty small team this year and while not having a killer year so far they have been improving. Good luck to the Trojans in their meet on the weekend in Camrose.

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