Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Road to Nepal

Day 87 Bike 130 minutes - 62.5 km, run 54 minutes - 10 km

Total on week so far 184 minutes

After taking my usual rest day on Sunday I was able to leverage the Canadian Thanksgiving for a day of hard training. My good friend Bernie invited me for a ride on what he calls the road to Nepal. This out and back section was about 10km from my house so I rode out there as my warm-up and met them for the noon ride.

It was a bit cool and windy with the wind from the south and Bernie didn't seem thrilled at the wind. I didn't think much of it until I realized we were going to be riding south into heavy wind and up some pretty non-trivial hills. Also joining us was another friend of Bernie's, Darcy and his SO - they were riding a tandem bike.

On the first few rollers (probably an underestimate to call them rollers) I was crushed on the downhills as they all rode away from me and was barely catching back up on the uphills but after about 4km in we had a serious climb. Sadly my Garmin is not uploading to my computer today so i have to get the data later. This climb really allowed me to leverage my lighter weight and was able to get ahead of them enough to stay up ahead after the next decline.

The hills were long, steep and into the wind so I was doing a fair bit of standing because I was riding Frances Guru instead of my Cervelo today. Thus no compact crank and a heavier bike required a bit more effort. After finishing the 17.8km out section we rode back with a tailwind and more downhill than up. The rollers back were not as bad given the tailwind and by the time we got back to start I was up over 30km/hr average pace. During some of the big hills heart rate was up in the 156 range, that's near max for me on the bike I think.

After bidding farewell to the rest I rode the 10km home moderately (with tailwind) and then my brother in law who was over with his family for Thanksgiving dinner joined me for a brick 10KM run after my bike. Knee started a bit tight and if I picked it up too fast I could start to feel it - not thrilled about that however ran the 10km in 54 minutes but at an average heart rate of 133 bpm. Note quite a IM pace I want but at the IM heart rate which is good. Overall cardio felt pretty reasonable with some tired legs due to the ride.

Enjoyed a wonderful dinner with extended family and iced my knee to prompt good recovery so I can get in a good workout tomorrow.

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