Sunday, October 3, 2010

River Park XC Race and stupidity

Day 78 part 2

Well, decided to race the River Park race 3 hours after the Harvest Half Marathon and it probably was a pretty unwise move. My legs were shot and my knee had survived the first race but I had to tempt fate. Before I get to the details I will say that I should be listening to Dr. Z's advice - I am not 20 something anymore and to try the double race was risky - hopefully nothing serious is buggered up in my knee.

The Calgary Roadrunner XC series is not a soft race series. Its nasty tough courses and meant to test yourself. At any given race half of the elite racers in Calgary are there using it as a tough tempo workout. This particular race runs through the Elbow River (Knee to quad depth) twice and up two cliffs on either side of the river. See race elevation profile below.

So you may ask - why on Earth did I do this double. Well two reasons - one I was stupid and prideful wanting to prove I was tough, but the reason I really convinced myself is I wanted to work on my toughness for Ironman. I wanted to see if I could push through muscle discomfort while already fatigued. It seemed like a good way to build confidence.

I did manage to run the race pretty well, albeit slower than if I had done it fresh. Despite the two river crossings and two massive hills I managed just a hair over 8min / mile, my goal pace at Ironman and realized I could run fast when sore. Heart rate was a bit high but averaged just around 150 for most of the race.


The biggest concern was the beating my knee took. Since I was fatigued and the quads and calves both "beyond" tight the impact went straight to my knee and the tough downhills just pummeled it. It was really sore afterwards. Just to give you an idea this is the second steepest downhill - no picture of the steepest.

My form is anything but pretty as I descended the hill. In addition to the downhill beating on my knee the river crossings took there toll on me. So other than the expected muscle stiffness I will be watching the next few days to see if the knee recovers from the pains it currently has.

Hopefully I have not done it in too much.

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Shannon Wicks said...

Gratz on a smoking fast time at the Harvest Half! Hope recovery is going well.