Saturday, October 16, 2010

Progress towards required watts at St George

Day 92 Bike 220 minutes - 107km

Total on week 12.7 hours

I was a bit disappointed in my overall hours this week but given how busy it was I am not surprised. With no races planned in the short term horizon I will be able to get in a good building block set of weeks. Especially with my decision to not race the marathon in Indianapolis. I plan to take a bit of time tomorrow to revise my original plan on weekly hours for the second and third training trimesters. Not that my training is even remotely comparable to pregnancy.

This next week I am planning to continue the balance of technical workouts in all three disciplines plus at least three key bike workouts. Run will be about recovery for my knee and working back up on the mileage.

Today I scheduled another date with "The Wall" on my Computrainer Ironman St George course. Last time I did the opening stretch and loop in about 3h 53min. Today I crushed the same course in 3h 41min. I didn't even feel as tired when I finished although I am tired now. Average watts was up over 177 (~2.53W/kg) and the average heart rate still controlled at 122. Again it is pretty clear my limiting factor is muscular endurance.

I decided to also pay attention to sweat rate and pre-workout was 153 lbs then I finished the workout at 148 lbs. I chugged three large water bottles of Gatorade over the ride and had about 500 calories worth of energy bars plus 2 bananas. I am going to start calculating the calorie rates and water rates far more tightly to ensure good workouts and faster recoveries.

I still have a ways to go since I need to ride that section in about 3:18. Now the math is not purely linear when it comes to speed and power (watts) but if my increase of an average of 15 watts got me 12 minutes then I will need to find another 23 minutes which will be somewhere around 30 more average watts. Originally I thought I would be good at the 200 range but looks more like 210 will be needed. This makes sense given the data from Slater Fletcher in his blog race report of Ironman St George

Perhaps the happiest recognition for me is that I am enjoying my bike workouts a lot more, which is very motivating for my workouts. If I keep myself humble I am confident that weak things (like my bike workout) can become a strong thing to me.

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