Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little things that help get you to Kona

Day 88 Swim 44 minutes - 2.2km, Bike 120 minutes - 64km

Total on Week so far 348 minutes

Morning heart rate is a tiny bit elevated. Need to watch that and back off if it climbs any more. Or get more sleep. As I keep my focus on Kona it is the little things that are making a huge difference.

Sleep, Nutrition, Rest, Technique. Everyone always wants to know the next big thing that will make you faster. However, I am becoming more convinced its the little things that matter. I would actually love to know the little things guys like McCormack do to keep on top. Given his age in the pro ranks it would be cool to understand his experience that helped pull off the big win at Kona.

courtesy Lucy Pemoni / AP Photo

I note that another company is making a play on the brand power of Ironman with the big announcement at Wheaties. Macca will be the first IM Kona winner on the Wheaties Box. Their press release states "Wheaties FUEL will be supporting its role as the official cereal of the Ironman Triathlon with national television, print and online advertising. The brand will also have on-site activation at upcoming Ironman events in the form of signage, sampling stations and a presence on the run course to help fans encourage their athletes through the finish."

And this is not all. When the Wheaties press engine even reaches out to lowly bloggers like me to make sure people are aware it shows that they have decided Social Media is a key avenue. Now I have not had a chance to sample Wheaties Fuel, perhaps part of the promotion engine would include sending us Bloggers a free box or two.

However, I did a quick scan of their materials and found that they are promoting the blogosphere to share general nutrition tips - and it will be very interesting to see if they can get the 'sphere to do it.

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