Friday, October 15, 2010

Ironmates make all the difference

Day 91 Swim 44 minutes - 2.6km, Run 50 minutes - 10km

Earlier this week I had a discussion with a co-worker about how my life is pretty basic. The triathlon T-shirt slogan of swim, bike, run, eat, sleep is slightly modified for me. I basically was describing to my associate that I really have three big things that get scheduled into my life - work, church service and triathlon training. I have a fourth important priority (family) that I weave throughout the other three in various ways. Its all possible because of an understanding Ironmate, my wife.

Basically trying to get 15+ hours training a week is challenging and I am usually pretty structured with the core activities in my day. During the work week I am often at my desk by 7 am and work until about 5-5:30. I manage to get in a swim 2-3 times a week at lunch for about 40-45 minutes and then after work get in my second workout, a bike or a run. Before the weather turned I could commute to work via bike or running but now that the snow has started to fly and its dark both to and from work it gets harder. Well, dark if I do a workout at work right after work. Saturday is my big workout day at about 5+ hours and then Sunday a day off from training. I then schedule in family activities and church service on the evenings around the training and on Sundays.

I am sure it sounds pretty boring to most people but I am actually quite enjoying the simplicity. Either at breakfast or before bed I can blog and I can still read in the evening a short bit before bed and on a rare occasion (often a Saturday night) enjoy watching something on TV with my wife. I get to spend time with a couple of my kids on workouts when their training can match up with mine, or at church, or even driving one of my daughters each morning to a class when I am on my way to work.

Sunday nights we spend time together and have even started a tradition of playing cards over Skype with my oldest daughter away at University. However, I doubt this would be possible without the support of my wife. She has been a superstar in helping me balance all of these things. Overall I think i have been happier this last few months than I can really remember.

Today did test my schedule - at least my morning heart rate was back to normal at 39 bpm. The pool was closed during lunch so I needed to get in to work earlier than usual and swim at the pool first thing in the morning. Definitely that is one advantage of working on a campus with a pool. Did a steady state swim and was really even through the 2.5km swim averaging within 2 seconds of 8:30 per 500m the whole way. Worked through lunch and then after work did a 10km run on the treadmill. For some people the treadmill is the "Dreadmill". I personally love being able to really specify a workout. For example, tonight I nearly exactly followed the first 10km of the St George Ironman run course. Set up a 1.5% climb for the first mile, a 2% for a half mile, 3% for a mile and 4% for a half mile. Since the treadmills we have in the fitness centre can't do descents I just ran flat level for the remaining 3.23 miles. My knee was a bit tender for about 3 minutes then loosened up and didn't bother me the rest of the run but i will be curious to see how it is tomorrow.

Straight after that I was off to a church meeting and got home just before 10pm. Best reward of the day was my wife offering to cook a meal for me - I am a lucky guy. Three cheers for supportive Ironmates!

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