Saturday, October 9, 2010

IM Hawaii - Kona Broadcast Inspiration

Day 85 Bike 247 minutes - 112 km

What an amazing day! Got up earlier and set up the bike to ride the Real Course Video computrainer while watching the IM Hawaii broadcast online. Great motivation and even more proof of the importance of strong biking. Hearing the wattage the Chris Lieto puts out on the bike (300 watts) it just goes to show how much work is left for me.

Great watching Chris McCormick (Macca) and Raelert go toe to toe down the wire and also to see Carfrae run a crazy 2:53 in the marathon. It re-energized and inspired my focus. I was also interested to see the guys from last years IM SG do so well on the Kona bike course (20 minutes faster) which tells me how important the bike will be at St George.

I rode the lead 22 miles, plus 1 loop and then 2 mile finish for St George course today. Last time I only did 3 hours and the first 75km or so averaging a pathetic 146 watts. Today I averaged 162 watts, 118 heart rate, 89 rpm and did 109km in 3:54. This is much better but still only 6:28 territory for the bike. That means I need to find another 58 minutes still.

I plan to start doing some rides that break the course into sections and start riding those at the 130 heart rate thresholds. I know from IM Florida that I can ride the entire bike at 130-135 heart rate without too much risk to the run. Therefore time to start training at a bit higher heart rate.

Doing some calculations I figure I need to get close to 190 watts and hold it for the entire distance. For those that know me this will be very valuable for me to understand the stats that will require the results I want. Another ride scheduled for Monday.

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