Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fitter than my 2007 and 2009 Ironman Florida

Day 103 Bike 34 minutes - 17 km

Total on week 334 minutes

This morning as I was walking from my car into my office I was happily enjoying the fact my knee felt really good, even as I went up the stairs and down the stairs. Not to say it is anywhere near perfect yet but way better. As the days go by I am shocked by how much closer race date gets - sure its still something like 190 days away still but to me it feels like next month and I can't explain why.

Perhaps its the passion and focus I have had to really train for Ironman this time, perhaps its noticing that I am in 3 digits for number of posts in my daily blog. Either way it's there and to me it's real.

I took a bit of time to reflect and review my training preparation compared to previous Ironman races.

In the 290 days before 2009 Ironman Florida my 100 day volumes were
Run 240 km
Bike 387 km
Swim 0 (yes 0 km swimming for the first 100 days)

Before my PR 2007 Ironman Florida
Run 662 km
Bike 1094 km
Swim 23 km

So far this cycle my first 100 days
Run 618 km
Bike 2276 km
Swim 81 km

My goal is to stay healthy and to stay consistent. Tonight's ride was a short bike warm-up with a 5 X 90 secs interval session at 260+ watts. Step by Step or Line upon Line I will get there.

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