Sunday, October 24, 2010

First 100 days - complete!

Day 100 Rest Day

Final week total for last week 515 minutes

Well I sure didn't finish with nearly as many hours as I wanted last week but had a number of really good quality workouts. Work and other responsibilities make it challenging but as today is a landmark day (Day 100) on my journey it was a good day to revisit my focus and where I am at.

1) My swim is exactly where I would like it to be at this stage. I am swimming faster than ever before and have shaved about 2 minutes off my best IM times. I have redefined a number of things that have improved my stroke and got a stronger routine.

2) My Bike has improved dramatically and while not yet where I need it to be I figure I am stronger than ever and finally have a good plan that I believe will take me forward.

3) My running is absolutely rocking right now, endurance and speed. The biggest worry and caveat is getting my knee back to better health. Yesterday's run went very well but the knee is weaker and tighter today. I "kneed" to get in some water running and see if that allows the knee to rehab while I can still get training in.

Over the next 80 days or so my key goals are

a) Build up to 4km swims and maintain pace with really easy effort based on technical improvement
b) Build up my bike technique in order to smoothly generate a higher wattage output and do at least 1 high quality watts workout each week.
c) Start bringing in some cross training over the winter months to build core, balance and develop the engine (recommendations by pro triathlete Kyle Marcotte included Stair climber, XC skiing, Snowshoeing)
d) improve the sleep amount and recovery techniques and make sure my easy days and workouts are truly easy and my hard workouts are defined and effective
e) get the knee back to full shape by revising my program appropriately and building swim and bike and substituting some water running in for land runs.

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