Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Enjoyable Water Running + IM Calgary 70.3 Video

Day 102 Bike 120 minutes - 54 km, Run (Water) 30 minutes

Total on week 300 minutes

Despite a 6 am start to my work day I was pretty refreshed when I got up at 5:30 am due to getting to bed early for once last night. I re-read a snippet from an old article in the magazine "Triathlete" from about 8 years ago that talked about over living is as bad as over training. The basic premise being you can't separate the impact of work, family and workouts and assume they are independent. A good reminder for me when I try to cram too much into a day.

I decided to finally see my Dr. about a better check into my knee and so have some appointments to that purpose. However, I was still eager after work to try out my new water belt for running. Most normal people would hate water running but having used it to rehab my legs a few other times it was like an old and familiar friend. The 30 minute water run felt great, and felt like a decent workout to boot.

Frances did this motivational mural in my workout room - it's in progress

After getting home and having dinner I hopped on the computrainer (I so love my compy) for an easy 2hr ride and surfed the net with remote devices. While not a real workout by any means it was good "seat" time. I even took a webcam clip to get a view of my aero positioning.

IM 70.3 Calgary Promo Video

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