Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Stop Believing, You will go to Kona.

Day 105 Swim 35 minutes - 1750m, Bike 120 minutes - 54km, Run (Water) 60 minutes

Total on Week 603 minutes so far

Finally Friday! I needed to get in some decent time working out today and managed to make it happen with an early morning water run, swim and then late evening compy bike ride. Water run is doing great for my knee, swim went great as well. Today's swim was a 500m technical warm-up followed by the Tony Smith special descending 50's.

This particular interval set starts at the top of the clock, i.e. leaving the wall at the 60s mark. Goal is simple, do 50m and be back by the top of the clock (60 s). For me pretty easy and slow. If you get back early - I got back at about 48 secs you get extra rest, sounds easy again right? 2nd interval leaves at 61 or the 1 second mark, goal again back at the 60. So you get one less second in which to complete. 3rd interval you leave at 62, back by 60. 4th leave at 63, back by 60 and so on...

Since 48sec 50m's is cruise speed for me the first 12 X 50 go smooth and relaxed. You keep following the pattern until you can't get back by the 60. So the next 8 or so 50s get a lot tougher. Usually I fail out at about the 21st interval where you are going sub 40s for 50m. On a good day I can do maybe the 39s or the 38s but today I made the 37s and failed on the 36sec or 25th 50m interval. Yay, go me!

My Friday night date this week was on my Cervelo for an easy bike spin. Needed variety so rode a constant 150 watts on a flat course but set up the computer to surf the net and borrowed Frances' mp3 for music variety to her some 1843 songs. You get new insights to someone by hearing their musical tastes. At 18 hers are pretty broad (even though I was shocked she had Britney Spears). Tonight my song of the day was Journey's, "Don't stop believing" - you're going to Kona!

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Keith said...

Yay! Comments are turned on. I haven't tried that particular swim drill, but I think I'll have to have a go at it.