Friday, October 29, 2010

Consistency, Coaching and Confidence

Day 104 Swim 24 minutes - 1500m, Run (Water) 30 minutes

Another incredibly busy day at work made juggling in my workouts really challenging. However this blog IS about a working man's balance to triathlon training and sometimes life does make it tough to get in your desired volumes and you have to learn to adjust. I had two very tiny windows of training so I made the most of each window and got in a hardish 1500m swim. It went really nice though and was evenly swum (8:07 through 500, 8:09 through the next 500 and then 7:58 through the final 500) which would be my third fastest 1500m pool swim of my life.

The water run was great as well. Not because of the workout but because of what I had the opportunity to observe while doing my water run.

A dive team was at the pool practicing - what a sight to watch these kids (some probably only about 8yo) doing flips, tucks and twists with unbelievable confidence. It was a reminder to me of the importance of confidence, commitment and training. You could tell they were well coached. I watched how the coaches counselled them and guided them. You could see the diligence they placed on the finer details, the repetition to develop the muscle memory and the willingness to attempt and fail. Obviously, I saw some good "splats" as dives went awry as well.

Consistency, Coaching and Confidence - interrelated.

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