Saturday, October 23, 2010

Compression Gear and Recovery

Day 99 Swim 60 minutes - 2500m, Run 101 minutes - 21km

I may not be done my workout day yet depending on my recovery rate. I finally splurged and bought myself some compression tights. Giving them a try now to work on recovery and if they work well enough then I will do a bit of time on the bike tonight.

Maybe its the fact that I made the purchase and I just want to convince myself, or maybe they actually work well. Either way I think they feel great and am glad I bought them. I decided to by the less expensive 2XU brand instead of the Skins or Zoot brands (129 vs 149 vs 199).

The surprise for me was that I am now fitted as "small" when it comes to compression tights. That kind of surprised me.

Today's workouts were with my good friend Bernie. We first did a treadmill run at the gym. I ran the same course profile as the first loop of the IM SG course. Did the 21km in 1:41. We then did a swim 500m technical warm-up, 5X200 on a 3:15 cycle using paddles and pullbouys (2:49, 2:54, 2:56, 2:56, 2:53 - my best ever set) then 100m kick recovery and finished with 18 X 50 descending intervals down to a 42 sec finish on the last one.

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