Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in the groove and on track

Day 101 Swim 41 minutes - 2500m, Bike 109 minutes - 56km

Total on week 150 minutes (goal 17 hours)

With a bit of effort in scheduling I got in my 2.5 hr start to the week. I need to get in around 2.5 per day M-F and then a 5 hr Saturday to complete the goal this week.

Decided on a steady state swim with paddles and pull bouy. Nice even workout and a pretty solid pace (63ish IM pace). Tonight I did a easy warm-up on the bike followed by the first 40km of the IM SG course (average of 206 watts - need to get that to 210) at about 90 average rpm and 130 HR. The numbers would make that a pretty reasonable pace at Ironman but it felt a bit harder than I would normally go. I was surprised at the computrainer data in that over the first 40km the total meters climbing is 364. That's a non-trivial amount of rollers. For those around Calgary its getting in the range of highway 540 type of terrain towards Highwood House.

Anyways, happy with the ride overall and Melanie bought me an aqua jogger water belt so I can get in the pool and do some water running to save the knee some impact. I have a meeting with my family Doctor tomorrow to initiate the process to get a specialist to check my knee out. I'm not overly worried yet, just being precautionary.

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