Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adding hours sleep to Ironman Workout Schedule

Day 95 Swim 51 minutes - 3100m, Bike 100 minutes - 50km

Decided to do my longest steady state swim in a very long time. I was very happy with it as I accelerated throughout the swim finishing in under 16 min/km pace. Most of tonight's bike was at easy spin speed but I decided to do a wattage test at the end to get a 20 minute max test in place. The average wattage was 263 over the 21 minute stint. During that same time the average HR was 138 which was less than I would expect although it was 150 bpm at the end. I plan to use this updated data to start developing some interval plans on the bike.

I still need to re-evaluate my training plan and ramp up hours progression. Last nights run intervals did push my knee a bit so I decided to not run today. Most important workout left today is a solid sleep.

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