Monday, October 18, 2010

4 Keys to Ironman Training Science

Day 93 - Rest Day

Plan for the upcoming week 18+ hours

Enjoyed my regular Sunday rest day this week and finalized my course of action for next week. The knee has continued to improve and I plan to test it out on Monday with my first intervals session in a few weeks to see how it holds up.

As I continue to consider the complexity of moving from the "complete Ironman in a reasonable time" to "Qualify for Kona" mentality I have realized just how much there is an art and a science to the Ironman distance preparation.

First, its the proper mix of volume and technique, interspersed with a planned dose of intensity and supplemented by good recovery workouts.

Second, its the militant observance of nutrition, diet and weight management - if Kona is the goal you have to dial in your best strength to weight ratio.

Third, its getting enough recovery, rest, sleep and staying healthy from disease and injury

Fourth, its a mindset and mental toughness and attitude that will be required to develop the confidence to "race" the entire distance.

Those four things in my mind are key to the science of Ironman Preparation.

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