Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weak wattage on bike, great swim

Day 68 Swim 54 min - 2.65km, Bike 60 min - 29km, Run 35 min - 7km

Total on week 454 minutes - a little behind pace if I want to hit 20 hours.

Still managing to keep the week going despite long work days. Another 5 am start to the day to make this happen with a morning treadmill run. Squeezed in the swim during the day and was really happy that I did.

It was a lifetime best interval session. I think the new technical work I have been working with my stroke is paying off. Warm-up was a easy 8:45 500m, then 10X100 on a 1:45 cycle. I opened up quick with a 1:23 but averaged 1:25.5 over the set. An east 100m kick rest followed by 21X50 descending efforts.

Despite driving kids to and from activities tonight I still managed to get in a bike on the computrainer. After the warm-up part of my ride I rode the first 23km of the St George course on the computrainer. It was a good indicator that despite the good results on the swim and run so far I need to put more effort on the bike.

I managed to average 185 watts at 90rpm average over the 45 minutes on the warm-up with an average heart rate of under 130 but legs were quite tired. My assessment is that the cardio is fine and spin rate is fine but I am not able to push high enough of a gear yet if I want to average 200 watts over the entire IM course. So each week now I am going to work on a tempo FTP workout and start building my sustained wattage.

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Shannon Wicks said...

I should loan you this book I have regarding cycling and wattage. In it, it has an FTP test I do each month to test my wattage levels to reveal what my wattage zones should be. I'll try to remember to bring it to work next week.