Friday, September 24, 2010

The Wall at St George, Utah

Day 70 Swim 43 minute - 2km, Bike 180 minutes - 75km

Total on Week (as of Friday) 865 minutes

Still really charged about yesterdays great interval workout running although the knee was a bit tight. Because it ended up being a late night last night I drove into work. Today was a technical swim workout which went really nicely. I spent pretty much the entire swim on drills and continued to focus on stroke improvement. It looks very positive for me to go sub 1 hour on the swim.

Tonight was another late workout night as I set up the computrainer and rode the first 75km of the Ironman St George course. The first 35km or so is rolling but the next 40km was far more uphill. It took me 3 hours to ride the 75km. Average wattage rate was a lowly 146 watts and average heart rate was 100 bpm. Looks like the cardio is fine but yet another indicator I need to build my threshold power levels.

Finally after riding the real course video I thought if I wasn't motivated before to get to a low weight I sure am now because last thing I want to do is lug extra weight up the "wall" at St George.

Time to get a good sleep and be ready for the 5.6 hr workout day tomorrow including a 3hr run.

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