Friday, September 10, 2010

Training or I-Renew. I will take the training.

Day 56 Swim 50 min-2800m, Bike 80 min-28km commute, Run 39 min - 6km

Total on week so far 829 minutes

Oh look, I don't need to train anymore. According to the infomercial my wife just heard/watched I can get an I-Renew bracelet for $20 that athletes would pay thousands for this technology and if I buy now I get a second for free. Kona here I come for $20!!!

On a more reliable note I did the bike commute to and from work with a steady state easy swim and intervals on the treadmill. Did repeat 400's tonight (8 X 400 on a 4 minute cycle. First seven in 75 seconds, last one was 69 secs) and was quite pleased with the results. Intervals 3 and 4 were quite tough and I wondered if I was going to be able to get through the complete set. After number 5 I was into a decent groove and knew it would be more than doable.

That being said it was still a far cry from my workouts of about 12 years ago when I could do 12 X 400 on a 2:45 cycle and average 68 seconds.

More importantly the support of everyone has been the key to my motivation and success so far.

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