Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time to Listen to the Body

Day 48 99 min - 34km bike commute, 25 min elliptical

Total on week 651 minutes

Only got 7 hours sleep due to the late run last night and an early morning meeting. Was really slow on the bike commute this morning and felt a little soreness in the legs from yesterday. Looks like my cardio is ahead of my muscle endurance. Decided to take Dr. Z's advice and save the legs from too much pounding and swapped my planned easy run with an easy elliptical plus some crunchies.

Commute home was also slow, pretty fatigued today so when I got home played a game of Rook with two of my daughters and one of their friends and decided to get to bed early (after this blog post of course).

Assuming a good sleep and recovery I have an easy bike commute planned with some harder run intervals scheduled for tomorrow. Saturday will all be low intensity with Sunday off to be ready for the Sheep River Road Race. Goal is sub 40 min 10km.

If I am not well rested tomorrow I will take the next two days really easy and go back to my plan to have the 19 hour week next week. If I am well rested then will continue as planned.

I just need to pay attention to the body for signs.

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