Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snow and Cold commute

Day 63 Swim 30 min - 1km, Bike 86 min 28km

Total on Week 490 min

Easy effort Friday preparing for the Saturday race felt a lot harder than it should have been, maybe it was the snow on cars, grass and park benches as I biked into work today. Maybe its the cumulative effort of the past two months but either way it was not as easy as I would like.

Decided on a ladder swim today, 500m warm-up followed by a 50-100-200-100-50 ladder with 2 minutes rest between each one. Started OK with the 35 second 50 and 1:16 100 but the 200 was depressing at only 2:55, I really should not have faded that much and then a so-so 1:22 100 and a reasonable 36 second final 50.

Decided to take the evening bike home really easy. I think the big hill on 14th street that I have been pushing big gears in to climb the last 10 days is where my tight knee is from. I decided to spin up in granny gears. Looks promising as to the cause of the knee tightness.

I wish i could feel more charged about the race tomorrow. Not sure why I am not - maybe its the weird 11.2 km distance. However, I will get to find out if I can be in race head mode by morning.

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