Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shocking Surpises

Day 64 Bike 60 min - 25km, Run 50 min - 12 km

Total on Week 600 minutes (goal met)

Woke up this morning not feeling that refreshed, likely because I was in and out of slumber from about 3:00 am to 6:00 am before getting up. Morning resting heart rate was 41 still so I was pleased with that but still was not feeling that enthusiastic about the race today.

Made the way to the kitchen and typed up yesterday's blog entry as I had my 0 calorie, 0 fat, o taste yogurt mixed with granola - doesn't that sound yummy :) but it's all for a good cause 150 lbs or less and a Kona spot.

Packed up my stuff and headed off to "Chester-slew" which is what we used to called Chestermere Lake 30 years ago before it was cleaned up. First positive thing was the morning fog - I "love" running in fog, its surreal and I was excited about the possibility of the race being foggy but by the time I got there the fog burned off. It was really kind of cold so did a mediocre warm-up, changed and got ready in the car and listened to music getting some excitement building - well sort of.

Only two porta-potties so the line was kind of long and I barely got out and ran the 30 m to the race line and had less than 5 secs before the gun went. That got the adrenaline going and I blasted out way way too fast and at about 200m realized that a 3:20/km pace was not a good idea and throttled back, almost too much but by the 1km mark settled into an even 3:52/km pace.

I wore the Garmin and heart rate monitor today and just pushed the pace at the even 3:53 range. Heart rate was a reasonable, but elevated 154 average of the first 5km which I ran through in 19:25. The race leader was way ahead and I had another guy about 20m off my tailpipes sitting and matching my pace so I upped the intensity and held a 3:53 pace and heart rate crept up to 164 ish. At 10km I still had the 20m lead and was content to just cruise it in but at about 500m to go he was on my shoulder all of a sudden.

Now call it instinct or call it reflex I didn't even think and just kicked. Crazy kick from 400m out, what was I thinking but he couldn't match it and i hung on for the 2nd place overall running 42:52 for the 11.2 km race.


I was shocked at the result for a number of reasons.
1) I felt sluggish the back half of the week and not fresh like 2 weeks ago at SRRR
2) I did not sleep well
3) I didn't have the same energy as last race
4) My knee was still a bit tight but surprisingly loosened up during the race

I was ecstatic for a few more reasons
1) I actually had a kick, which I have not not had during my last few races. Getting my "wheels" back is a great thing for my confidence.
2) I held the pace and in fact ran the last km and change in 3:40 pace - again, more like my old self
3) In the second 5km section I felt really good with my stride rate and stride range.

So overall I could not have asked for more. In all honesty I would love to say it was all me but I know better and thank my Father in Heaven for giving me the health, strength and mind to train and race the way I have.

Tomorrow full rest day and then a big build week of 20 hours next week.

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