Thursday, September 9, 2010

Non training stress and training motivation

Day 54 Bike 38min-14k one way commute, run 72 min-14km commute home

Total on week 477 minutes

Wednesday had a couple of rough moments for me at work. I sure hate it when something that tugs on my emotional buttons distracts me. Many people say how much exercise helps them reduce stress levels but there sure are days when non-training stress makes it hard to get the motivation to get the workout in.

Dealing with some work issues prevented a lunch swim (The water was probably still cold anyways) and the wet rain made the bike into and run home from work a little cool. After the run some tighteness again so I better find out where a convienent sports massage place is and get myself scheduled in because it sure felt good the last few days.

Thursday will be a run into work and bike home and swim pending how my day pans out. Lots of work stuff on my mind at teh moment.

Focus, Balance & Perspective key if I want to stil get in the 19 hour week.

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