Monday, September 20, 2010

No bribe shall take Kona from me!

Day 66 Swim 38 min - 2200m, Bike 42 min - 14km, Run 73 min - 14km

Total on week so far 153 minutes (goal 20 hrs = 1200 min)

This was a really busy, crazy day with another rainy day on the bike commuting into work. Despite the packed work day I managed to get in a fast 38 minute swim at lunch, no intervals just a steady state 2200m working on technique. After lunch a bunch of more meetings and work items and by the time I got heading home it was starting to get dark. Decided to run easy home instead of biking and left the bike at work.

Tonight I used my run to ponder over a number of challenges at work. It was good thinking time and hopefully the ideas I came up with will be useful tomorrow and later this week.

After getting home and taking care of some personal items we did a family activity (we usually try to do that on Monday nights) and part of the activity was a "Survivor" type game Frances came up with.

It was a simple game, hold your hands above your head without resting them at all on your head and see who could last the longest. Frances then brought bribery out to see if anyone would quit. The appeal of the M&M's got Mel to resign from the game first. After Mel opted out Frances changed the rules that you couldn't hold the hands with each other. Next bribe was some Snickers and Twix. Neither of those things were a temptation to me since I have been off chocolate for well over 4 yrs. Nobody decided to back out at that point so then Frances brought out the homemade crepes. Sierra was quick to take that bribe and dropped out of the game. Frances then put a book on each of Leah and my hands to add some weight. The next bribe was a pack of supernibs.

Now anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love red licorice and nibs but I verbally said I am now off nibs until I qualify for Kona. Leah also resisted the nibs so then Frances added a 2.5lb weight to Leah and I. Next bribe was Lucky Charms, again anyone that knows me knows I love junk cereal, even though I hardly eat it anymore. By this point we had our arms in the air for over 20 minutes and after today's swim they were screaming at me. Again Leah and I declined the bribe, Leah was determined to beat me. And again I said - no more Lucky Charms until I qualify for Kona!

In the end Frances said the game was over and that Leah and I both win the final honor, no treat no sweets, just knowing we didn't give in to bribes.

So at this stage I have now committed that I will not eat the following until I qualify for Kona.

1) No chocolate (since July 2006)
2) No ice cream (since Apr 2007)
3) No fast food burgers (since June 2007)
4) No donuts (since July 2007)
5) No licorice (since Sept 20, 2010)
6) No Lucky Charms (since Sept 20, 2010)

I pray that my self denial will help me in the journey to Kona.


Sous-Chef said...

Over twenty mintues and some weights on our arms... and you just get the satisfaction of not taking a bribe?

Oh Frances... what a task-master.

Granted, I probably would've kept going until my arms fell off because I'm just that competitive.

rob nelson said...

I can't believe that you resisted the Lucky are strong willed. We might use this activity for our family night next Monday!