Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mission Accomplished for 20 hour week

Day 71 Swim 45 min - 1.75, Bike 122 min- 57km, Run 168 min - 33 km

Total on Week 1200 minutes (20 hours)

Enjoyed sleeping in to the late hour of 7:45 am. Ha. Morning started off with my 3 hour run which went really well. Stayed in control and ran quite even.

5km 27:30 133 bpm
10km 25:20 130 bpm
15km 26:15 129 bpm
20km 24:50 128 bpm
25km 24:51 127 bpm
30km 25:45 130 bpm
33km 14:00 138 bpm

overall average was 130 bpm heart rate which is great and an overall average of 5:05 per km. After my run I went swimming with Leah and did 1750m of technical drills. Pretty much as soon as I got home went biking with Bernie on my hilly 42km course - averaged just under 30km/hr which was faster than I planned. After Bernie went home I did an easy cruise bike on the reservoir pathway for 37 more minutes just to finish off my 20 hour week.

Really looking forward to the rest day tomorrow followed by an easy week as I prep for next Saturday's Harvest 1/2 Marathon. I also think I need to start adjusting to more bike time relative to swim and run and ensure I get in 1 bike intervals, 1 bike FTP workout and then a 3hr longer bike (which I will likely to do on the St George course.

I actually now have time to watch a movie with my wife before bed. Yay!

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