Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long work days and time management

Day 67 Bike 77min - 31km, Run 75 min - 14km

Total on week 305 minutes

What happened to swim, bike, run, eat, sleep? This work thing sure can make it tough :). The last two days work has been very busy and Tuesday was even busier than Monday, with Wednesday looking even busier yet.

Nonetheless after a on and off sleep all night I did the morning run into work Tuesday and again saw snow on cars, grass and park benches along the way. Finished my 75 minute run to work by 7am and worked striaght through until 7pm and then bike home (the long way) in the dark. Did a couple of errands (church and otherwise) en route and finally arrived home at about 9:15 pm. Quick meal, some reading and then to sleep before 9:45. Tomorrow will be pretty similar day I think.

20 hours is going to be a scarmble to get in.

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