Monday, September 6, 2010

JUST RACE! @ SRRR and a killer massage

Day 52 - Bike 163 minutes - 71K, Run 51 minutes - 12K

Total on week 214 minutes, target 19 hours

Well I am sure happy I rearranged the tail end of last week to ease up on volume. It paid off huge dividends today. I went to the race today with the intent to just race - no Garmin - just old school watch and the markers on the course. Before I get to the end I should do a bit of the background.

Last night I decided that I needed to refocus my racing on feel a bit more. John D would be proud of me. A few years ago at Sheep River he told me to stop looking at the Garmin :)

So I left the Garmin at home and just kept telling myself - Just Race! Maybe it was an attempt to regain the risk taking younger years. It gets to easy for me to be calculated with the Garmin and make sure I even split or even negative split but the reality is that for me all my PR 5K and 10K races came from an attitude of Just Race. Not stupid hard at the start but with some risk. So with that mentality I did a full warm-up with Leah and then some strides and stretches.

Lining up i put myself in the front row and watched as the gun went a ton of the usual stupid fast sprinting starters. Settled in the top 20 ish and got a good rhythm going. By the time we hit the 1K mark (3:38) I knew it was quick but felt still really good and worked my way up to 13th. By 2km in I was in top 10 (7:22) and at 3km in top 8 (11:06).

Stayed in the top 8 for the rest of the race and slowed a bit (4K-14:52, 5K-18:45, 6K- 22:36, 7K-26:35, 8K-30:35, 9K - 34:33) and finished in 38:27. As you can see I had a few slow kilometers from 6 to 9km in the race. However I was ecstatic beating my goal time of 40 minutes and my turbo goal of 39 minutes. Leah set her PR in the 5K at 24:36 but was disappointed with her time and 3rd place in age category. I lost by 10 seconds to first in my age category.

Then a wonderful thing happened - I took advantage of the post race massage and it was absolutely awesome, took care of Achilles discomfort and plantar fascia pain. I definitely am going to get a regular massage into my training regime as I build for the Kona qualification.

After getting home played AoM computer games with Leah and Sierra and then once rested settled in for my mid range (2h43m) bike ride. It was not overly quick, mostly just spinning to get the legs moving and watched a couple of IM hawaii DVDs as I rode (2003 and 2005 world championships) for motivation. Blazeman and Sara R rare great motivation for anyone.

this will be a big week so a good sleep tonight will be critical as I try to hit 77K running and over 250km on the bike.

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