Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Restaurant and Scheduled Rest Day

Day 58 - Rest Day

I don't typically blog on rest days but I had a few extra moments today to do so. Right knee is a bit tight when I woke up but resting heart rate is still nicely at 41 so the volume seems to be OK from a "load" perspective but still watching the joints etc. Plantar fascia, shins etc really came out of last weeks heavy training not bad so I was surprised to find a tight knee.

I am continuing the preventative icing and since this coming week is an easy week (target 10h) I will make tomorrow quite a light workout day. Probably just a swim and easy spin on the bike.

On another note our second youngest daughter treated my wife and I to a restaurant at home experience after Church today. She made up menus, set a table and cooked the whole meal. Not bad for a 12 year old although she did conscript her siblings to assist. We snapped a picture of the table setting on the deck.

It was a really nice treat. A bit cold on the deck but still quite nice. Maybe its me but I am sure needing to layer clothes lately because I get so cold easily. I had a well needed nap this afternoon and then played with the kids before bed.

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Sous-Chef said...

WOW. The girls did an amazing job of that. :) I'm sorry it's getting cold over there... perhaps you should all visit me out here? It's a bit warmer ;)