Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great swim plus light volume

Day 59 32 min - 1.7K swim, 30 min - 14k bike

Total on week 62 minutes

Easy week starts off with a low volume day. Knee is doing better but still doesn't feel loose yet although the swim and easy bike helped. Strong swim interval main set again today of 5 x 200 on 3:15 cycle but full stroke not paddle and pullbouy. Averaged 2:59 for best ever 200s full stroke.

Took advantage of the light volume day to set up the computrainer room / set-up better. Posted some motivational pictures, cleaned up some cabling and all in all got it a bit slicker to get in and workout for future days. Did a 30 min spin to check out all the settings.

Took Leah to massage therapist and found out its not shin splints but all related to knees and how she is growing. Aside from wet and rainy weather good chance she will be racing high school cross country on Wednesday. If she has pain he said for her to back off and not finish and rehab another week.

I scheduled myself for an appointment Tuesday night to work on my tight spots. Hopefully that will pay off dividends.

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