Friday, September 3, 2010

Great Intervals, Optimism for Sheep River Road Race

Day 49 78 min - 28K bike commute, 54 min - 10km run

Total on Week so far 783 minutes

Woke up more refreshed than yesterday, resting heart rate of 41. Decided that despite being more rested than yesterday I am going to scale back the rest of the week and move my 19 hour week back to next week. Took the bike commutes quite easy and due to a bit of initial fatigue was wary of tonight's interval session.

An easy warm-up and then began the 8 X 1K repeats on a 6 minute cycle. Set the treadmill at 6:00/mile pace so was doing them in about 3:43 with 2:17 rest between. Concluded the last one at 3:35. The workout gave me good optimism on my race this coming Labor Day Monday. Plan still looks good for a sub 40 minute 10K.

Enjoyed a quite walk in the evening as a wind down and a nice chat with Melanie tonight.

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