Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Freezer Brain Swim

Day 53 bike 129 min - 57km, swim 25 min 1500m

total on week 367 minutes

Today the pool was opened for the first time in 6 days due to maintenance and they had just filled it. It was cold, really really really cold. I decided to do a straight steady state swim thinking if I didn't stop I would do 2500m. I started fast to get the body heat going and within the first 100m I had freezer brain / Popsicle head from how cold it was. The torso warmed up - slightly. By 1000m my toes were number as were the fingers and I decided that 2500m was out of the question. Only one other person braved the water and he got out after 1000m and he had a silicon cap at least. I "rolled" onto the deck after the 60 lengths and was still shivering, speech was slurred and both hands and feet were white.

A quick shuffle to the hot tub and it took 15 minutes before I started being able to speak, Doug was shivering for 10 minutes still also. We watched everyone come to the pool, dip the toes in and leave - only the two of us were stupid enough to try the swim.


A commute to work and back plus a bike trainer workout wrapped up my day. Tonight's workout after getting home on the bike was Troy J's spinervals 2.0 - Time Trial. The single leg drills really showed me how weak my upstroke is. Looks like a good place for me to start on improving my bike times.

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Doug said...

The pool temperature that day was balmy compared to the water temp of Two Jack Lake this morning - just above 12C. Today though I had a wetsuit and neoprene cap (thanks for the suggestion) and the shortened swim (750m) was no problem. Doug