Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Training Day & Balance

Day 57 Swim 55min - 2k, Bike 96min - 42km, Run 160min - 31km

Total on Week is 1140 mins (goal accomplished 19 hrs)

It took a fair bit of effort packing everything in yesterday. I needed to do 5h11min to hit my 19 hr week goal and I had a lot of stuff going on that I needed to work around.

First task, fit in a long run and see an old friend who was in town. Alex was going to be swimming with Bernie at Talisman Centre but I needed to get my long run in early so I ran down to the centre, visited with Alex for about 30 minutes and then continued my long run. Start of the run my heart rate was doing the really wonky pre-warmup spike. Haven't seen that in a while but by a mile in had gone to its usual spot - maybe a Garmin error.

After the run I had a small lunch and then headed to the pool with Leah. She sure did a great job applying my pointers to her stroke and it looks a LOT better. Hopefully she will remember as she trains on her own. Got in a slow 2K swim while giving her some coaching.

After the swim I had some church committments and spent the late afternoon and early evening at meetings. By the time that was all done it was 9:30 at night and I still had a 96 min bike to get in the training volume I needed. Jumped on teh bike and computrainer and watched the 2001 IM Hawaii DVD and just got it done. Finished much later than usual but knew I could sleep in Sunday morning. Legs sure were tired though but next week is a rest / scale back week for volume.

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